Friday nights Chase Rice Lions&Lambs Tour with Jacob Davis at Joe’s Live Rosemont we a complete sell out! Without question Chase Rice was ready for the crowd in no small part to Jacob Davis Music..
We have long been a fan of getting to a show early and not missing the opening acts. Davis is very comfortable on stage, and with interacting with the crowd.  During July he made a west coast swing and with songs like  “James Brown,” “Real Love” and “Got Me Like” his fan base grew and by the end of the tour Jacob was inspired and released the three tracks.  

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“Real Love” gives you a peek inside his self-proclaimed “honest and confident love story” Davis says “My inspiration is my wife, but this a song that everybody can relate too. It’s basically saying ‘we’ve got a good thing…and we know we do.’”
Davis has been getting some air play on SiriusXM The Highway and now on local stations US99 / Chicago’s Hottest Country and Big955Chicago. It wont be long till we see Jacob again but not as the opener.
But don’t take our word for it check it out HERE!

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